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2014 Show Schedule

So, I know last year I slacked off MAJOR with posting a show schedule and results. Actually, I just plain didn’t do it at all. This year I’m going to try to do better. So far so good. In case you haven’t noticed I’ve got quite a number of shows already on the calendar. There…

New England 2013

Who else is getting excited?! Anyone attending from here?

2013 Penn Ohio

Does anyone know where I can find a prize list for the 2013 Penn-Ohio? I know last year they had a big publicity push and lots of prize money. I don’t know how that went over, but now they don’t even have 2013 show information on the website.

Honest question: Long tails?

I know one thing we all love about Morgans is their ability to grow long manes and tails, but… aren’t the very, very long tails seen in some show horses a safety issue? I got to watch a little bit of the live streaming from OKC, and saw a couple of horses in an equitation…

Braiding at Shows

I’ve never offered braiding services at a show before, but I know there are folks who do. I’m considering practicing my braiding over the winter and offering to braid a few horses at a few shows I go to next year, partly to offset travel expenses. I’m curious what the going rate is for braiding…

Dale Chavez Show Saddle Monte Carlo Edition

Barely used Dale Chavez Show saddle with headstall, breast collar and saddle bag. ¬†Shown in 4 times. WON every time. Not in the show circuit any long and hate seeing it just sit…it needs to help you bring home those ribbons! Paid $6500 for the set. ¬†Will Sacrifice for $4500.

Grand National Entries are posted! WOW!!! There are some HUGE classes!!!!

NE Comments

Anyone been watching the live feed from NE, or at the show and can update the world on how it’s going this year? I’ve been a bit preoccupied with life this week with barely enough time to grab the results as they become available.

Bluegrass Day 1+ (for me)

Yesterday was the all time day 1 for me at the Bluegrass Classic show, and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been to more shows in the midwest so I’m starting to have a few people I’m comfortable hanging out with, cheering for on the rail, etc. That always helps when you…

Bluegrass Show

Hey all, just wanted to give a shout out to anyone who’s going to be at the Bluegrass Classic. I’ll be there helping out with the international youth competition on Friday and Saturday. I don’t know how busy I’ll be but I would love to say hi to anyone who wants to come chat! There’s…