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OKC Streaming

I am quite possibly the most over-equipped person when it comes to my TV. There are no shows I watch on a regular basis (besides football). I have Netflix but hardly ever watch anything. I may leave news on in the background on occasion when I’m doing chores around the house. But there is no…

OKC From Afar

If you can’t make it to OKC this year don’t dismay. Our favorite running ringside commentary, horseshow411 is back in the action for Grand National! Oh how I’ve missed our resident breed cheerleader with her always entertaining asides. I assume all posts will go through the actual site, but you might want to also check…

Braiding at Shows

I’ve never offered braiding services at a show before, but I know there are folks who do. I’m considering practicing my braiding over the winter and offering to braid a few horses at a few shows I go to next year, partly to offset travel expenses. I’m curious what the going rate is for braiding…

OKC barns

Last year there was talk of updating at the OKC fairgrounds. Meaning they were tearing down the dirt floor barns and putting up at least one more “superbarn”. Does anyone know if this project was completed? I’ve searched the fairgrounds website and the grand nationals website and couldn’t find much. Just need to know if…

Morgan Videos

So I was doing a little Google searching trying to find resources for streaming video for Morgan shows and came across this: It’s a little promo video from 2008 narrated by Georgie Green about the Grand National show. It’s only about a minute long but is a nice little snapshot of the show. Unfortunately…

Internet in OKC?

Does anyone know if there is wifi internet access at the oklahoma state fairgrounds? I’m alittle concerned about living without my computer for two weeks :-/

One spot available to OKC!

We have one spot open on our way to OKC. We will be leavimg from Northville, MI late Tues (10/5) to head down. If anyone still needs a ride, email Price neg.

Corporate sponsorship

A couple of people have mentioned the idea of getting corporate sponsors for Morgan shows, so this press release might be of interest. AMHA Announces New Corporate Sponsorship Initiative They’re looking at marketing the Grand National to sponsors. Honestly, I think it’s time. Most sporting events, including top horse shows, have corporate sponsors now. It…

2011 GN Judging Panel

The first round of judges for the 2011 GN has been announced.  You can see the list here or here.  The remainder of the panel to be announced within the next few days.

Looking for old issues of the Morgan Horse Magazine

Hello Everyone:   I am seeking old issues of the magazine dating in the late 1980′s.  More specifically, I would like to find some pictures of Funquest Altair.  Does anyone have any available?  I have been searching online for the past few months but was not successful.