New Morgan Collector’s Book…America’s Own

Dear fellow Morgan enthusiasts:

I have been presented with the opportunity to sell some collector copies of the newest Morgan book, America’s Own: A Celebration of America & Its Horse.

These collector copies are simply wonderful.  Each is signed by the Finish Author and by the Publisher, numbered and include a Certificate of Authenticity.  It is hard bound with a dust jacket and is boxed.

The book is a celebration of the Morgan and of the impact that he has had on the historical richness of our country.  It reveals powerful as well as subtle parallels of his influence on American history that is presented in fifty individual stories – one story for each state.

The book recognizes the Morgan’s rightful place in American history, and it deserves to be in the hands of all who truly appreciate and love our Morgan breed.

The price of the book is $45.99 + shipping.  Payment can be made with Visa/MasterCard or PayPal.

Lisa Keller

   The Traveling Tack Room



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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    A friend of mine picked up a copy of this book at Grand National. It’s really a cool book. The stories are each just a few pages long and stand-alone so you can pick it up and read right from the middle. This would be a great coffee table book or for kids bedtime stories.

  2. I got my Collectors Edition early. It is very nicely packaged and the stories are great!

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