split reins versus romal rains

Is it frowned  upon to show in split reins? It seems most people show in romal reins?


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  1. Trisha says:

    There isn’t any rule against split reins, so judges shouldn’t penalize for it (my trainer is also a USEF “R” judge and uses both) as long as they are being held correctly. Split reins are a bit easier to maneuver when riding a horse who doesn’t neck rein well, so in our barn anyway, you’ll find junior western and recent western converts showing in split reins for their first few shows.

    I’d say most people just stick with Romel reins because they have a nicer “finished” look than most split reins will give you.

  2. nadyrp says:

    Yes, I am just starting out and just went to our first show this week and I am definitely having a harder time with the romal reins. I just might try the next show with the split reins until we get a bit better with the romal reins. Thanks! Nady

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