Shadowland Morgans/Pennsylvania

Does anyone have any information about the situation with Morgan horses at Shadowland Morgans?  I picked up at COTH that some of the horses have been taken by the authorities.

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  1. Thanks, Mike. It looks like all of the horses have been seized now.

    What is it with apparently well-off people who don’t feed their horses? Beth Lynn Hoskins can afford an attorney to fight charges for years and Ms. Roberts is an attorney, according to the newspaper. I have personal experience with another situation where a
    Dr. (MD) had too many horses with little food (although nowhere near the pictures of Shadowlands.)

    Our rule has always been (in good times and bad) the horses get fed first, then the dogs, and then we buy groceries for ourselves.

    Why don’t these people send out a call for help before the horses are near-starvation? Don’t they see what is in their barn or do they not care?

    I can see back-yard horse owners who don’t even realize their horses are thin, but each of the above examples were of knowledgable and experienced horse breeders and owners who could never plead ignorance.

    Gentle Giants need help caring for these horses. The link is on the AMHA website.

    Any thoughts from readers?

  2. Cyanstar says:

    Her name seems familiar, did this woman try to sue AMHA years ago or start some kind of legal action against AMHA?

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    Where is the “like” button Chris? :)
    I read and passed on need for help via facebook. Link and chip in is also available via FB.

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