New Saddle Seat Book!

The world of Saddle Seat riding and driving is a bit of an enigma in the horse world. There’s really no other discipline like it. To those not in the “circle of trust” it can seem very mysterious. Finding resources about this discipline is… well, there are very few resources that provide any real insight from what I understand. However a new book on all things Saddle Seat has been announced. I found the book available for purchase from the ASB Museum in Lexington (you can place orders online, they’re saying they’ll ship on 12/4), and a short description of the book over at Saddle and Bridle’s website. It will be interesting to see how informative this book actually is. I hope it can be a good resource for those new to or outside of the Saddle Seat world.

I don’t know what the actual release date of this book is. Is it available anywhere else? Has anyone heard anything else about it or been able to read any of it?

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  1. empressive says:

    Wow that sounds wonderful and its going on my Christmas wish list! Here is a link to site selling the book. Didnt find it on Amazon though.

  2. StacyGRS says:

    This should be an excellent book! I’m proud to say I’ve known the author, Smith Lilly, for years and he’s not just an outstanding trainer, he’s a great guy. He’s studied what he does with the best and is the kind of person that would always want to know the whys and the hows of anything he saw.
    this was taken from the FB page for rhe book…

    The book is available at the ASB Museum, Show Horse Tack, World Champion, Fennell’s, Freedman’s, Winner’s Circle Tack and Commotion.

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