Tall Hunt Boots

I have a pair of tall hunt boots that I used in college. I have not pulled them out of their box for a few years until this past Sunday. I could not get those suckers on my legs. It’s not that my calves have gotten fatter. I remember feeling sometimes like the circulation was getting cut off in my legs. Getting these boots on and off has always been a struggle. If I had multiple classes in a day they stayed on. It was not worth the effort of the tug-of-war of getting them off and then back on and then off again. Something tells me these boots are not supposed to be this tight. However, wide-calf boots would be floppy and look silly on me. Is there a way to stretch these boots just a bit? How tight should the calf on tall boots be?


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  1. StacyGRS says:

    Actually, you SHOULD walk in them to get them to drop at the ankle…they have to drop in order to afford you the ankle flexibility. You’re supposed to buy them TOO TALL and that takes up the drop. They should come right to the bend in the back of your knee after dropping. The best way to get them to stretch and drop, IF you can get them on, is the get them thoroughly wet once on…like stand in a bathtub for 10 minutes…and then wear them until they dry…they’ll stretch while wet and then dry in that size and shape. Then, and this is the important part, you HAVE to keep boot trees (tall ones mare for hunt boots) in them when storing or they’ll shrink back. If you can’t get them on then they do make boot stretchers that you can put in there and do the same process. Working at a saddlery throughout college had it’s advantages:):)

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