What would you do…

…If you were the horse? Will it make you handle the horses in your care with more compassion?
I couldn’t sleep the other night after attending a sale (not Morgans) and witnessing a trainer at a large barn repeatedly whip a horse across the front legs while leading it. She was walking back from the warm up ring leading the horse. She stopped every few feet and lashed the horse three or four times hard before continuing toward the stall. I could not see any misbehavior on the horse’s part prior to each beating. My dreams that night let me experience the fear and confusion that animal must have experienced as he tried to figure out how to avoid the beatings. I know my nature and how I would have responded if I was a horse. I know what people do to horses that behave the way I would if I were a horse who couldn’t figure out how to avoid the whip. From the experience I vow to be more patient for the horses’ efforts to understand our desires and more compassionate for the past experiences they may bring to the training ring with them. For the love of horses.. That is why I train.

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  1. Vintage_Rider says:

    :*( Having been involved with horses, thus by default, “trainers” for over 30 years… it saddens me that there is no license, certificate (other than specialists like John Lyons or Monty Roberts) that qualifies one to hang a shingle. Shame on the owners who do not step in, and step up. It baffles me.

  2. flcowfarmer says:

    That is sad. All I can say is to never drop your horse off at a trainer’s that won’t let you drop in to watch the progress. Check in on your horse often and if things are amiss, your friendly horse will be frightened, injured, or dropping weight.

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