OKC- Fun… Old school style

Entertained… That’s how we left the coliseum. A big thanks to the exhibitors that put their good horses up against the other champions. Seems in past folks were reluctant for big names to face off. Not this year. Championships filled with great horses in all divisions.

Also thanks to the judges panel that gave us some thrilling work offs. Now that’s how to entertain the crowd! I heard stories of such work offs in bygone eras with big name horses sent back to the rail, each pass thrilling the audience. What fun!

Too bad the tabulation period still dampens the excitement. Seems like in this age of technology, the judges placings could feed right into software that automatically does the MOS scoring. Would really help the spectator appeal if tabulation was automatic. Would be necessary if we drew the non showing masses that show jumping and dressage do at their championships. Only an educated audience sits through the down time. Just a thought.

OKC this year was exciting… Great owners willing to show their horses regardless of competition and wise judges helping them to entertain the audience with work offs.
I enjoyed it. What do others think?

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