Silver Birch Morgans?

Has anyone ever heard of Silver Birch Morgans in Pennsylvania? Today I happened to notice a small wooden sign that said “Silver Birch Morgan Horses” on County Line Road in Bucks County, PA. There was a trailer in the front and what looked like an older barn in the back. Of course, I pulled into the driveway but didn’t see anyone. It isn’t a super horsey area and the girl at the tack shop had no idea what I was talking about. A google search was fruitless, as was a search of the AMHA directory-perhaps they used to be a barn but are out of it now? If anyone knows anything about this, I’d be interested to know if they still have horses.

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  1. emmy says:

    Can you tell me what town it is in? My parents live in that area, and I remember stopping at a home and small barn with Morgans. They bought hay from my uncle. I’ll ask my family the name of the road the farm is on.

  2. ghfarm says:

    I think it is Feasterville, PA but it might be over towards Southampton.

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