Lippit Classes

As I was just posting the results for Connecticut Morgan I noticed they have classes specifically for Lippit in hand, Lippit Pleasure Driving and Lippit Pleasure Saddle. To a certain degree I can see why they might offer these classes, and they had a decent number of entries. But this feels like a potential slippery slope. Shouldn’t a Morgan be a Morgan regardless of family? When did Lippits stop being Morgans (although I suppose Lippit owners might ask the opposite question)? It may sound extreme, but doesn’t this open up the possibility of classes specifically for Western Working, Brunk, Government, etc?

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  1. sportymorgan says:

    Have been wanting to comment and finally re-registered!

    I am not too worried about other “separate” classes developing. The Lippits are a completely closed breeding group descending from a small number of horses. To the best of my knowledge, there are no other such closed groups in the breed, except Foundation, and that’s not a terribly organized group of people, or one that’s interested in showing at breed shows.

    I do wish, though, that some of the “big name” breeders would cross some Lippit blood back into their horses, to regain Morgan type. Not all Lippits are small or “dumpy” (the two charges most leveled against them.)

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