Award of best performance

How does the award “Best Performance at Show ___ ” work?   I remember last year at Nationals being able to vote for favorite horse, or something similar, but then I thought I saw something recently, that the judge decides the best performance?  It also doesn’t appear that all shows have it…

Can someone elaborate?

Sue Mc

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    I don’t think I’m familiar with this. Do you have a link to info on the AMHA website? Is it a Morgan specific thing?

  2. Trisha says:

    It’s sponsored by, which is a new e-magazine that is mostly Morgans. I’m not sure how they pick which shows they do this with, but there is usually a list of upcoming shows at the back of the magazine that indicates which shows have this award.

    The judge decides Best In Show everywhere except Oklahoma.

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    Ok, it took some clicking. But I have a list of shows that are participating in this award.

    Past Shows: Citrus Cup, River Ridge, Mason Dixon, Key Classic, Vermont Spring Classic, Southern States, Western NY, PNW Springtime, Southern Cal, Connecticut Morgan.

    Upcoming Shows: Gold Cup, Far West, Syracuse International, Maine Morgan, Ontario Morgan, Oregon Morgan Classic, C-Fair Charity, ETSA Midsummer, Buckeye Morgan Challenge, Mass Morgan, Morgan Medallion, PNW Harvestime, Jubilee, Summer’s End, NY Regional.

    I don’t see information anywhere as far as what criteria are involved. Is the judge allowed to pick any horse in the show? Is this announced at the show or just in the magazine?

  4. Vintage_Rider says:

    Judge picks any horse. It IS announced at the show. If you are on FB with WNY, there is a video of the winning horse being presented at the show.

  5. morgnridr says:

    Any show could apply to have this award presented at their show. It is free to the show and is one more way to publicize your show. The recipient is chosen by the judge(s) out of all the entrants and presented at the end of the show. Horse Show Wire magazine sponsors it and provides the awards including a full page color ad for the winner. At multi breed shows there have been non-Morgan winners, I think I saw the other day a hackney winner from a recent show. The WNY Morgan show winner was a carriage driving entry, proving that any discipline entry can be the best in the show!
    AMHA has nothing to do with the award. I do think at Nationals there was voting by the audience but I’m not positive on that piece.

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