And here we go again

This is why I unsubscribed to the Morgan Bulletin Board, and countless other “Morgan blogs.”  What starts out as a light-hearted forum to discuss our love of showing horses,  yes, this blog was started for SHOW people to talk about SHOWING their morgans, turns into another mud-slinging drama-fest.  People who feel the need to sit up on a soap box and hear themselves pontificate have found yet another blog to pollute. 

I am erasing the link for this site from my favorites list.  UGH…another one down the crapper.

4 Responses to And here we go again

  1. nickhand7528 says:

    You are right, Ill throw out the soapbox right now. Have a good time wit whatever you do. And i am sorry if i was part of what pushed you away.

  2. Carley says:

    agreed, hence the name “above level”

  3. I guess I am at fault because I started the thread. I didn’t want to start a firestorm, but I guess this is a subject (like politics) it is best to stay away from.
    I think as show people we should be thinking about the plight of horses who are not “stars” or whose showing days are done and are considered expendable, but this is not the forum and I apologize .

  4. leslie says:

    Chris, I assumed colwilrin’s issue was with the champion title program discussion. The slaughter thread seems pretty well-mannered.

    But I guess we’ll never know…

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