Recent Sales Activity at Scottfield Stables

Scottfield Stables has been busy, busy, busy selling horses these past several weeks, with two more sales currently in the works! We would like to congratulate Jerri Monroe on her selection of the gorgeous, talented black mare, CastleRidge Que Sera. “Sera” has been a star in both the Park saddle and English pleasure divisions, with her huge motor and snappy hocks. Jerri is new to Morgans, having spent her last several years in the Saddlebred business, and we think Sera’s game attitude and leg-waving abilities will be just the right combination to make Jerri a Morgan Lover for life! “Sera” will continue her winning ways under the direction of trainer Kelly Kraegel, Guthrie, Oklahoma, and will be sadly missed by former owner and breeder, Debi Boies, Landrum, SC. Also making the trip to Oklahoma with us upon being sold was a lovely 5 gaited Saddlebred, Enchanted Champagne. Scottfield also wishes to congratulate Diana and Taylor Hildreth of Jordan, NY, on their selection of Hartland Wild Blue Yonder. This sporty youngster is a blast to be around, and we sure hope they enjoy him as much as we have! With several trainers scheduled to come shopping in the next few weeks, we hope to have more sales to report soon! Scottfield also enjoyed a fantastic Grand National Horse Show, boasting 2 World Championships, 2 Reserve World Championships, and a Reserve Grand National title! If you are shopping, or have a horse to market or develop, please contact us at or call (570)553-2285 to find out what Scottfield can do for you!

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