Kentucky Bluegrass horse show

who is headed to the show next week? has anyone heard if there were any changes made to the arena since last year? it was pretty scary for the junior houses to show in last time

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  1. stretch says:

    Team Merriehill will be there. I have no information on the arena.

  2. leslie says:

    I’ll be there for a few sessions sans horse. It’s a little too much money for me and too much show for my pasture ornament, but I’ll be cheering y’all on.

    The arena hasn’t changed and I haven’t heard any plans to do anything to it.

    From what I’ve heard, the new indoor arena at the Horse Park (now called the Alltech Arena) is really expensive for shows to use, in part because you have to bring in and remove your own footing. Apparently there’s a Mini show going on in the Alltech Arena the same weekend as the BMC, so they probably couldn’t book it even if they wanted to, unless they picked a different weekend.

    The unsubstantiated gossip that I’ve heard (take it for what it’s worth) is that entries are up from last year, and it’s not as if entries were hurting last year. Should be a fun weekend. It’s nice to have Morgans around here for once!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Okay, so what was so scary to the junior horses? This will be our first year attending.

  4. I think they are referring to the “scary” drainage grill on the ramp leading down to the warm-up ring. I saw horses jumping it, sidling over it and even having to be led over it. Sort of like a preliminary trail class test before you even got in the ring. :-)

  5. Carley says:

    definitely the drainage ditch and also the banners along the arena. when show management ordered them they were supposed to be much larger, the small ones kind of flapped. Also, the bottom of the seating area is right at eye level (good for horses that you want upheaded) and I believe the intent of the banners was to block this view originally.

  6. leslie says:

    Also, at the middle of both long sides, there are sunken areas that have doors that I assume are some sort of maintenance access. According to my horse, they house a pack of wolves that will spring on the nearest equine without warning, so he does some fancy footwork around them. And he hasn’t been a junior horse in nearly two decades. :)

    There’s an outdoor warm up ring right next to the arena, but last year nobody seemed to use it, making the covered warm up area very crowded and a little wild. That probably didn’t help.

    Take a look at last year’s proofs if you want to see what you’re in for. Honestly, if you get over the drains and survive the warm up area, I don’t think it’s much worse than any other indoor venue.\2010%20Bluegrass%20Morgan%20Classic

  7. leslie says:

    For what it’s worth, I was out at the Arabian show that is being held in the covered arena tonight, and they’ve taped off the front row of seats all the way around. I’m guessing that would help with the spectators-at-eye-level issue.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like we’ll be fine either way. Leg on and ride forward! is our motto. Size wise it will be WAY better than Gold Cup! There the wall was just wrong enough that they kept wanting trying to look OVER the wall. Darn curious horses there is always something. See everyone in Kentucky!

  9. colwilrin says:

    After only two days at the show, I must say…It rocks! What a wonderful venue. Even after sessions are done, I just want to sit out on a lawnchair and look at the beautiful grounds. The show committee and exhibitors are all very friendly and helpful. Couldn’t ask for a better place to have a show. The drainage ditches, more like small divets, and inclines with carpeting are not a problem. There are few facilities in the country that have what this place offers.

    Only thing I would change…announcing first, second and third barn calls rather than LONG periods of silence from beginning to end of classes. In addition, I would also open the ring up to its full size. They fenced off the last 30 or so feet of the ring. It isn’t much of a change, and the 17+ hunter classes could have used the space. Smaller SS classes could have cut the ends to make shorter work of it without looking odd, and that would have left the full space for the classes that needed it.

    As for the wall, and the ring itself, it reminded me of Jubilee show. All in all, of the many rings I have ridden in…it was toward the bottom of my “scary rings” list. For those in the NY area…the Syracuse colesium, with its judges’ box Goblin, occasional PA shrieks, and child stair-runners, makes this place look like cake.

  10. Carley says:

    There have been far fewer spooks this year. The carpets have made it much easier for those of us with horses that are terrified of the drainage ditches. I do wish they would use the whole arena tho. We’ve had to work hard to get good passes in the big hunt classes.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I can see how the carpet was a great help! The grounds are beautiful with plenty of room for lunging and exercising. GN Quality competition.

    I was right about one thing, it is too HOT and HUMID for Kentucky in July. If you have any type of respiratory issue it will be difficult. The makeup ring was too small for the large classes (17 was the norm for hunter and western) and while the ring was big enough there was ALOT of traffic to deal with, not to mention she WORKED the hunters (see breathing issue above :)).

    Glad I went, but don’t think I’ll be back.

  12. Carley says:

    Heres my very humble opinion on the 2011 show overall.
    The pros:
    Competition was GREAT! Numbers were excellent in most classes. I think on average, MAYBE one class per session was cancelled. The schedule seemed to make sense, and I love having two sessions per day instead of three.

    Judging was decent. Nice horses won big classes, although there were maybe a couple i felt were placed based on previous titles, or based on the qualifiers.

    The green carpet down one side entering the warm-up ring made it much less stressful for those of us riding chickens dressed as horses.
    Overall, this show is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Our customers love it, we love it and our horses showed well there. We’ll definitely be back next year too!

    The cons:
    The HOT weather was miserable. The pouring rain was even more miserable! The fairgrounds management refused to leave a gate unlocked which would have given us a path 1/2 the length to the arena. They said it was because it was a park touring trolley route. I understand that they probably use the route during nice weather, but NO ONE TOURS THE PARK DURING A MONSOON. So instead we had to walk twice as far in the pouring rain to get to the classes. Not show managements fault, but still an issue that needs to be addressed.

    After talking to show management they said that someone complained about the arena being too large last year, thats why they shortened it. They’re going to go over responses this year and will adjust accordingly for next year.

    The show program could use some help. I love how MI All Morgan does the programs. Once horses are entered and checked in, each exhibitor receives a 3 ring binder already containing schedule, advertisements, rule changes, stalling, etc. As the time to enter before a session closes, the office makes copies of the classes and those entered and hands them out as inserts that go in the binder. It might be more labor intensive, but could save on printer services, and would also ensure that there are enough programs/exhibitor. Plus, then the programs are MUCH more useful and people are more likely to keep them after the show.

    I think thats all…. for now. Might think of more later :)

  13. leslie says:

    You guys complaining about the heat and humidity should just be glad you’re not here this week. We’re under a heat advisory. Last week was nothing :)

    Carley, my understanding is that the programs were done by volunteers from the show committee, including the printing, so they didn’t actually have any printing costs.

  14. Jan says:

    The show programs are in fact printed by Carriage House Productions and while the owner of the company is on the show committee, there is still a significant cost to the show for printing, not to mention the time to put a program together as accurately as possible. The show committee appreciates any feedback exhibitors have to offer so that we can continue to grow.

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