I just received the latest update saying it would be the last update on the recent EHV1 outbreak! This is very good news for those of us out west! This outbreak was responsible for the cancelled for at least 1 Morgan show (the June Classic) and maybe more and some low numbers at Charity Fair and possibly others due to concern (rightfully so) over this horsie health scare! I know that Far West and Circle J were keeping an eye on things and Charity Fair had a policy of having exhibitors sign a form saying that their horses had not had any contact with the horses that had come from Ogden or the other show that seemed to be the 2 sources. We also had to post a form on the stall of every horse and fill it out every morning and evening with that horses temp. Any sign of fever and that horse was to be removed and quarantined as this is the first sign of EHV1.It appeared that the aggressive ‘no in or out’ measures of most barns for 2 weeks plus some shows cancelling as well as those that ran having policies such as this were very helpful in keeping this contained and from spreading. This could have been much worse!


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  1. Vintage_Rider says:

    Amen Stacy. We managed to dodge the bullet, well, most of us did, and my heart goes out to those that did not.

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