source for true white western show hat.

I’m updating my western show outfit and would like to find a true white western felt hat. Many makes seem more creme or off white colored. Many of the western hats have large brims and taller crowns that seem to overwhelm a woman’s face. Any suggestions on brands, etc???

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  1. kim viker says:


    Try Bailey brand western hats; not sure about the brim on some of these, but here is a link to a western store with a White Felt hat.

    Larry Mahan brand also has white felt hats.

    Good Luck!

  2. westcoastgal says:

    Thanks Kim,

    I’m looking at a white Bailey hat now!

  3. colwilrin says:

    Rod’s …you can find them on the internet. Find a white hat no less than 3x…preferably 10x and then have them shape it. I like either the QH or the cutting shapes.

    The shape is almost more important than the X number. Don’t let someone give you a hat that is shaped like a hard-shell taco!

    Higher x number…the longer a hat holds its shape and holds up after cleanings. Since white has a harder time staying clean, I would not be as concerned with a high X number as you would buying a cream, silverbelly, or black hat.

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