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I had success logging on!!:)

So, has everyone seen the new rule proposal? How does everyone feel about it? I have to say, I have very mixed feelings and I’m not sure if I see the true value. Thoughts??



I think this is a link to the quick list…

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  1. Trisha says:

    I haven’t seen anything about any new rule proposals and the link doesn’t work.

    My first thought at seeing ‘new rule proposal’ was, “uh oh”. hahah

  2. smccullo says:

    Its quite confusing on the website. Another morgan group posted a file with proposed changes which I would have thought would be on the usef website. If they are there, I can’t find them. I did find that it looks like the age limit change to the amha medal class is still just a proposal. The following link, according to the usef website are the approved morgan rule changes so far.

    This link is the age limit proposal-


  3. pattnic says:

    The only current Morgan rule change proposal I see on pertains to Medal classes now being open to riders under 22 years of age. It clarifies that individuals must be amateurs or eligible for amateur status. Is the rule proposal to which you are referring?

  4. StacyGRS says:

    no. I was referring to the one about changing the rating system of our shows. It says it is to help shows save money, but I think the repercussions might just outweigh the benefits by far.

  5. LoriLiz says:

    On the same note, has anyone heard anymore about requiring helmets for walk/trot or other age groups??

  6. leslie says:

    Is there a link to the proposal somewhere, or can you copy and paste the text of it here? The aol mail link doesn’t work and it’s not on the USEF page, either.

    LoriLiz, I thought I’d heard that there would be a helmet rule for walk trotters taking effect next year, but now I can’t find that anywhere. The only thing I found on the AMHA’s site was that the rule for walk trot was under consideration, but was still in discussion within the Morgan community (or something to that effect.)

  7. StacyGRS says:

    Sue, can you post something to the quicklist you sent me? I can’t make that work here with my limited skills:)

  8. colwilrin says:

    It is the intention of some in the Morgan Association to require helmets for ALL…seriously ALL riders/drivers. Another idea kicked around is requiring flack jackets. This is a crusade that David O’Connor of USEF is behind, and I understand it for eventers and jumpers who casually discuss how may “falls” they had at each meet. However, we do not have that level of risk in our breed.

    Before required helmets ever go further than leadline, I want to see research and hard evidence that we have a problem with head injuries occuring at our shows. Not “horse events”…but specifically Morgan horse shows.

    IMO, helmet use should be at the discretion of the adult exhibitor or parent of a jr. exhibitor.

    Morgan people need to wake up and smell the coffee. The helmet issue is being pushed strongly and silently. The ones pushing it are counting on our complacency and ignorance of this issue. If we are not aware and vocal, pretty soon everyone, right down to our open park harness drivers will be REQUIRED to wear crash helmets. GO TO YOUR RULES FORUMS AND ASK ABOUT THE HELMET ISSUE.

    Frankly, if the helmet requirement extends to pros and amateurs, myself and many others will choose to either stop showing at Morgan shows and take our Morgans to open shows, or just go play with another breed.

  9. Vintage_Rider says:

    Flack Jackets? Seriously? And helmets on western pleasure is even funnier IMO. Bling, covered by Flack Jackets and Helmets will make us look indeed like our breed is beyond dangerous, let alone looking pretty stupid. Where’s Bill?

  10. Jennifer says:

    From my attendance at the Gold Cup rules forum, I didn’t stay for the whole thing, the helmet issue is being pushed by the USEF AND the INSURANCE COMPANIES that underwrite our events. We are such a nanny state that it is only a matter of time before we are required to dress in helmets and flack jackets.
    Even dressage riders are now wearing helmets at the FEI levels rather than the traditional top hat. Unfortunately, to equate our Morgans with the power of a dressage horse is a HUGE error. The way of going and temperament is VERY different. I have ridden dressage on a Thoroughbred and would NEVER mount without my helmet. My Morgans are TOTALLY different, but if you have never experienced the Morgan sensibility then one would assume all horses are wired like a Thoroughbred or Warmblood, which have a large percentage of Thoroughbred now.

  11. StacyGRS says:

    And so, what can be done to cut this off before it gets too far?

  12. Jennifer says:

    I got the impression from Sherry Cole that it was inevitable and just a matter of time. She stated the AMHA has been fighting helmets for the last 15 years.
    I believe the discussion on changing the rating of the shows is a result of the helmet issue.

  13. colwilrin says:

    This is not exactly accurate. USEF has been looking at studies funded by a helmet company to push use in their events. The QH lobbiests in Washington and Arab and Saddlebred people are UNAWARE of any insurance company push to get show people wearing helmets. They are also UNAWARE of any push by USEF to require Morgan people to wear them. The push appears to be coming from within our breed. As an example, we were the first breed to ASK the USEF to allow us to change our leadline rule to require helmet. Sure doesn’t sound like much of a “fight” against a rule.

    How to cut this off? Write to your Regional rep and ask that they vote NO on any new helmet rules without it going to a vote before the entire membership.

  14. leslie says:

    Relax. Stress kills.

    So I’m still in the dark about what the show rating issue is. Can anyone sum up what it is?

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