Morgan Connection??

Does anyone know why the Morgan Connection website is “closed until further notice”?  I was hoping a new issue was going to be coming out soon…..

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  1. Trisha says:

    Someone asked on their facebook page and never got a reply, so I’m not sure. Their first new issue was supposed to be for June, but even before the site said it was closed, they stopped posting about shows in mid-may on their facebook.

  2. auctioneer says:

    The word at Gold Cup was that it is out of business.

  3. LoriLiz says:

    I heard the same thing. Out of business. I had just reupped my subscription. Noone could tell me if I will get a refund for that. I am figuring “fat chance”.

  4. StacyGRS says:

    this was posted on Morgan Connect’s facebook wall today by Elizabeth’s husband Scott: Matt Silva, new owner of TMC, walked away after only 7 weeks, laying off staff etc. The Superior Court ordered Silva to repay all advertisers. All assets (but not liabilities) reverted back to Hobby Horse Enterprises, Inc. Elizabeth Hobby founder and former owner since 1991 deeply regrets the inconvenience and is saddened by this sorry state of affairs. EH

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