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Hi guys! I have a nice mare by Belle Flaire and out of a 3/4 sister to Legacy’s Viking; she has had one foal before.  I am interested in leasing her out as a broodmare to a responsible party with a plan for the resulting foal and who is not just breeding to breed.

Obviously, it’s already pretty late in the breeding season to do this, but I’m sure there are a few people that don’t mind breeding late.  I would also consider a regular riding lease through next year’s breeding season, lessee would breed and then could ride her until her third trimester, etc…

Has anyone done a breeding lease before, and if so, what is normal “payment” and/or contractual agreements in this type of situation?

And if anyone knows anyone that would be interested, send them my way! I am in MD.

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  1. rubygirl82 says:

    Look in the wanted section of Morgan Showplace, might find someone who needs a good broodmare there! Do you want her to stay close to you? If you send her to someone close to me I can keep an eye on her :o)

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