Citrus Cup

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in getting results for this show up. I’ve been on a “vacation” of sorts the past few days. I’m tracking down the show secretary’s email right now and will get results posted ASAP.

In the meantime, did anyone go? How was the show?

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Ok, correction. I’m sure many people went. Did fellow Above-Levelers go? :P

  2. knr28782 says:

    I went with two dressage horses. Never been before. Really nice set up for the dressage. Dedicated warmups right next to the competition ring and very nice footing. Sand with textile fiber-sounds weird I know but really nice to ride on.

  3. Flmorgan says:

    We went as always and it was a very nice show. Great weather! Morgan numbers were up some but Open and Saddlebred were down from last year. However I was told { FMHA Member} that overall numbers were up by 20.
    Biggest classes were the Carriage Driving, HUnter Over Fences, Hunter Pl, and Hunt Seat Equitation. No Saddle Seat Equitation, but a few Classic Eq. riders. Academy also seemed larger this year. In Hand numbers were real low
    The textile footing is great. We were jumping in the grass this year though. Alittle slippery in the morning.
    We brought many new clients and they all had fun.
    Positives – as always a nice well run show
    Negatives – Judge wasn’t well versed in the Over Fences and Sport HUnter classes.

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