New AMHA Judging Video

AMHA has announced the release of the new AMHA Judging Standards Video. I think this has been in the works for some time. I’m thinking of ordering a copy for myself. Has anyone seen it, or any parts of it?

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  1. DVFMorgan says:

    I just got my copy. I thought when I ordered it, AMHA had said it was content from the 2010 show year, when in fact it is 2008. I wish they would have talked a little more about the headsets they are looking for, especially on the western horses. I was quite disappointed in the DVD, as I find it very dated.

    I think a future DVD, with more information on the headsets for western, and all the divisions. Are they to be verticle, slightly behind, slightly ahead? Eye above the wither, below? These are things the new people starting out, can follow. Show a horse 4 beating in the lope, does not need to be from Nationals. Show a horse out of frame badly, and compare it to one that would be your winner. We need to make things easier for the new people to educate them, and I just don’t think this DVD is real user friendly that way.

    Many thanks to Dragonmeade for their part in helping put this DVD together.


  2. stretch says:

    I too was somewhat disappointed in the DVD. It was simply a reading of the standards. I think it would be very difficult for a newcomer to see the difference between the saddleseat horses by watching the video. The inclusion of some comparisons would make it easier to define the classes. That being said it will make a good promo for the Morgan show horse.
    Thank you Dragonsmeade.

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