CSH MINUET by FCF Val D’Isre available

FCF VAL D’ ISERE x REVELRY RISING STAR (by WINDY HILL MAESTRO out of a Rapidan Apollo mare) looking for a home. Bay 1996 mare. Long neck, big eye, nice mover. Please go to http://www.ac4h.com/BrokerOwned2.htm if interested. $675.00

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  1. TudorOaks says:

    There are several Morgans on the AC4H site this week, some of which are just darling. There is a black mare that is particularly nice looking. Someone must need project horse, right? :)

  2. lauralin28 says:

    I particularly like LRCM Stary Night Delight (which I think might be spelled wrong).. but can’t afford another horse. Based on the pictures, same rider, I’d say she’s about the same height as my AC4H mare, who is 15+ hh. I hope someone saves her. I love her face.

  3. leslie says:

    C’mon winning lottery ticket! I’d have a field full of aging Morgans if I had the money. I’d also take those two drafty roany things in the background of a couple of the Morgans’ videos. They’re just cute.

    Does anyone try to contact the horses’ breeder to see if they’re interested in taking the horses back? I know not everyone can, but some do step up, and with these ones that are registered it’s not that hard to find the breeder and past owners.

  4. khummel says:

    Hi Can someone be an angel and look up this mares registry record for me.? Maybe we can help her if she hasnt been placed already which has been the case for me on previous inquirys (thats a good thing right) I just renewed my membership and I cant get on the registry site to look this mare up. I have someone interested but they want me to look at what she has produced, been bred to, who owned her . I remember csh corydons eclipse was a wonderful horse. This mare has the same prefix but I dont recall who bred these. I appreciate any help My email is hummellex@aol.com Thank You Kathi

  5. Carley says:

    I’m 99% sure the prefix should be LCRM, anyone know who the breeder is?

  6. khummel says:

    I am interested in csh minuet

  7. khummel says:

    the one I need info on is csh minuet

  8. khummel says:

    csh corydons eclipse was a neat horse and same breeder but I cant find them to ask them anything

  9. Flmorgan says:

    The other 2 mares names are Pecatonia Floating Fawn 5/24/94 and LRCM Starry Night Delight 7/24/02. I’d love to get one but have to move a few I have. There is a gelding also but they don’t say if he has papers.

  10. morganexpressions says:

    Kathi I just emailed you her info found on the online registry.

  11. leslie says:

    CHS Minuet and one of the other mares are listed as pending to Forever Morgans now and LCRM Starry Night is pending to someone else. The unregistered gelding is still available.

  12. khummel says:

    I gave up I tried to get this mare for two days. Another chance would not respond to my texts phone calls emails and neither would forever morgans. too bad . I had a great useful home for her. I am glad they took the registered ones too bad they did not take the unregistered morgan. I wonder what his fate was. anyone know what happened to him?

  13. Flmorgan says:

    I think you might have to pay an up front donation of $25.00 to AC4H , to help their Rescue then they will respond to you after they have information about you. I was told this when I tried to get a horse for a Client. Forever Morgans can be reached on the internet sometimes. Try them on FAcebook.
    They are still tring to place the unregistered Morgan.

  14. lauralin28 says:

    We did not have to pay an up front donation on our horse in November (CAUM Exotic Ellegance). We just had to send a TON of emails, then she saw them and apologized for not getting back to us sooner. It’s especially hectic if you wait until the later part of the week to try to get the horse. If you inquire in the first day or two, it’s easier.

    I do know that Christy gets a TON of emails, and misses some of them, and often is on the phone a lot and can’t answer.

  15. khummel says:

    She got my phone calls She texted me that her phone was dead and that I would just have to go on the website. I did that but I needed specific questions answered like Does the mare sell with her registration certificate. Its water over the bridge now. I wanted her for breeding and once they go to rescue group thats not allowed . This was the third one we tried to get so a little frustrating Just so they got safe all that really matters

  16. lauralin28 says:

    AMHA is really good about transferring or replacing papers. Alice only came with a copy of hers, but almost all of the other broker horses come with the real papers if the registered name is listed. AMHA will replace her papers if we send the last registered owner a letter requesting them to transfer and they refuse.
    Just something to remember for future horses, if you do end up trying again. I’m glad our registry is so accommodating.

  17. khummel says:

    thats great to know. Doubtful we will try again I have my own thoughts about that process which I will keep to myself. But thats good to know for someone else .

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