Equestrian Professional.com – Seminar

Back in August I mentioned an online Financial Planning seminar specifically geared toward those in equine oriented business.  First of all, I know at least one person (leslie) signed up for the event.  Did anyone participate?  What did you think?  Was it beneficial, insightful, helpful, etc?

Second of all, the same site, EquestrianProfessional.com, is sponsoring another seminar (available online or via phone) on Monday that looks really interesting, “Rethinking the Horse Business 2010!  Succeeding in a Changed World.”  Highlighted topics include how the economy, horse industry demographics, and the Internet are affecting horse business owners.  This looks so interesting and potentially very helpful both for established and up and coming equine professionals (perhaps even helpful to non-equestrian small business owners).

For both seminars I’ve been directed to the site through AMHA’s news page.  But I should probably bookmark it in my favorites.  Is anyone here a member or regular visitor of the site?  It looks like they have a lot of good tools and resources.

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