Classic Saddle Seat Equitation

What are the specifics/rules for Classic Saddle Seat Equitation?  Are there any specific finals for a Classic Equitation rider (other than GN and WC)?  Are patterns a usual occurrence in the championships at shows?  Anything a Classic Equitation rider needs to know that would differ from regular Saddle Seat Equitation?  Thank you.

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  1. alpmorgans says:

    this is slightly off topic, but also, why do classic equitaiton riders not required to qualify for nationals?

  2. super Horse says:

    There are not qulification rules because not all shows provid this class. I know that these classes are somtimes at large North-East shows and Jubilie. the reason this class is at nationals is is so that jr.ex. riders that want to show there classic horse without the big motion english pleasure and park horses that have somewhat of an advantage.

  3. smskelly says:

    There are really only two differences between Classic and Saddle Seat equitation. The horse must be shod for Classic, obviously. The other is that formal attire is NOT permitted in Classic Eq.

  4. alpmorgans says:

    every A rated show offers a classic saddleseat equitation class. if not all at least 98% of them.

  5. GraceMorgn says:

    Actually most A rated shows don’t offer Classic equitation. We show all year in open equitation because there are no classes and then show in Classic at Nationals. In fact, our horse is Pleasure shod all year until Nationals so that he is a little more competetive in the open classes.

    A Classic rider can show in open if there is no Classic class offered. They can also show in the open championship if there is a Classic qualifier, but no Classic championship. Classic riders can cross enter and change between divisions throughout the year, but not at the same show.

    The formal rule only applies to classes specifically designated as for Classic riders only. A Classic rider can wear a formal in open classes, Medals and UPHA and most do.

    A Classic championship will be just like an open championship and will almost always have a pattern. If I was to generalize, Classic patterns are generally more simple than open patterns, but not always. Classic qualifiers are also usually 17 & under vs 14-17 and 13 & under.


  6. alpmorgans says:

    wow, i’ve never seen a a rated show that doesnt offer classic equitation, but i live on the east coast. most shows dont offer a classic equitation championship. :) thanks for informing me though :)

  7. StacyGRS says:

    In the whole show season, prior to OKC, we go to one show that offers classic eq and it offers 1 classic class.

  8. sonnyandjess says:

    I’m going to start going into equtation classes this upcoming show season riding a saddlebred in saddleseat attire.. My trainer wants me to go into equitation classes that have you do a pattern within that class. Do all shows offer the equitation class with the pattern, or can someone explain to me which shows do or which classes do?

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