Zenyatta Coverage

Anyone who has been watching the coverage of her for the Breeders Cup may be seeing a familiar site.  Creech Horse Transport picked her up at the Louisville airport and delivered her to Churchill Downs on Tuesday. Morgan world Harold Cochran and fellow driver Billy Walsh were the Creech drivers doing the job. Creech is known for hauling many World Champion Morgans and Saddlebreds. So when you see the red and silver van in the shots, and the men in red jackets, there is a connection to the Morgan world.

Penny Cochran

4 Responses to Zenyatta Coverage

  1. Jan says:

    that would make me VERY nervous…..but then….I don’t drive horse vans…Good for Harold. Maybe he got some good pictures..!

  2. somedaysue says:

    Talk about your “Precious Cargo”!!!

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    Very Cool to know!

  4. khummel says:

    How exciting for Harold and company and great there is a Morgan connection

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