Braiding Tails

After being combed, a tail should be braided.

Mr Bill

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  1. PlayMorBill says:

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  2. empressive says:

    Exactly how are you braiding this tale? Up in a sock? Down in a bag?

  3. snerland says:

    Braiding is accomplished like you would braid your own hair. Be sure to cover the tail in either a bag or sock; I use panty hose. The braid will need to be redone every few days. Be sure that the tail is heavily conditioned and picked out, not combed.

  4. jns767 says:

    When braiding and bagging, is it okay to do so when the tail is still wet? There’s a good question for ya. I am notorious for making tails WORSE, I have like a brown thumb only it’s not for plants, it’s for tails and manes….

  5. morapplespls says:

    Braid DRY, picked tails, you don’t want to comb them becuase that can lead to breakage and this defeats the purpose of a nice tail. Also, never start the braid too close to the tail bone. I also braid panty hose INTO the braid so the 3 strands are not rubbing and wearing too much on each other. Then into a sock it goes! Thats how I personally do it and it comes out fabulous.

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