A trip down memory lane

In the process of a pending move I’ve been sorting through some of my things figuring out what can get tossed, what can go to Goodwill, what can go in storage and what can come with me.  One of the drawers that I haven’t opened in years is the photo drawer.  I’ve never been one for scrapbooking so pictures usually get tossed in this drawer (at least back when we actually printed pictures) and then forgotten about.

One particular picture I came across made me burst out laughing and I figured I’d share it here for your entertainment. 

There’s no date on the picture, but I’m guessing I’m 11 years old or so.  LOVE the hot pink leggings and matching t-shirt.  That’s a bike helmet on my head, by the way, not that it really matters, a helmet is a helmet.

To bring this back around to Morgans, I took lessons at this barn for a few months and there was a Morgan mare in this barn, and I think she might’ve been the first Morgan I met.  I loved that mare and I wanted her so badly!

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  1. morconnect says:

    you got to show us more .

  2. evamorgan says:

    And that’s how it usually starts!!

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