Need Braiding done at OKC?

If you would like to have your horse professionally braided  (button or french) at Nationals please contact me to set up a time.  Competitively priced and professionally done. I have been braiding for 20+ yrs. or 765-631-3418 after 3:30pm e.s.t.


2 Responses to Need Braiding done at OKC?

  1. Flmorgan says:

    I will be emailing you. I have one horse to be braided for Tues. and WEd.

  2. luvmymorgan says:

    Great:) Let me know what session and class you will need braided for and I will get you on the schedule. Also, send your name, contact number while in OKC and what barn you are stabled with. I can send you a price list at that time as well.

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