Changes for 2011 New England Regional

Just this morning changes for next years NE show were announced on the AMHA website.  A lot of big news including moving to a 3 judge panel (judges already announced; Mark Bodnar, Terry Jones Brennan, Tom Caisse, and Garn Walker) and multiple upgrades to the grounds over the next few years (to the tune of $42.7 million).  Check out the full story here.

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  1. parksaddle1024 says:

    Exciting news, and a great judging panel! Hopefully the improvements will allow Northhampton to be used for more than just 1 morgan show per year. I’m looking forward to seeing the upgrades!

  2. bella92290 says:

    This is great news! And for all the voices that shouted out on this site about continuous issues with having just one judge and the facilities you think there would be more comments on this saying positive words. Hats off to the show committee for listening and taking action.

  3. jenn.sullivan382 says:

    Actually, the grounds at Northampton host more than just the NE Morgan show. I’m there at least 6 times a year for shows other than NE Morgan. I attend an Arabian show there in April, and several Appy and QH, Pinto, and Paint shows are held there. Many of them are smaller, and just use the Indoor when showing since they do not require the room and ring that NE Morgan does.

    It will be great to have everything updated since the barns/grounds need it. The reason why the Northampton grounds is rented for a lot of these shows is the fact that it’s much cheaper than renting the Big E. When you know that your numbers are going to be small (which is the case in the Arab shows, several of the Appy and QH shows) the club holding the show cannot make money if they were to hold the show somewhere else.

    So, it’s used more than people realize, just not a lot for Morgans.

    I think it’s a fabulous idea to have a 3 judge system at this show since people have been wanting it for so long. I also think it’s great to rotate the judges throughout the show. I think it’ll be a great and welcomed addition to an already great show!

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