Hunt Double-Bridle

  Here is a question:  My 4 year old mare is getting ready to go into a double bridle.  She is a hunter, yet when I look in Dover, etc. , etc., the only double bridles I find are honkin’ big ones for warmblood dressage horses, or Saddleseat double bridles.   Are Morgan Hunter people just changing the browbands and cavessons on the double show bridles or is there a place that sells a hunter double bridle for Morgans?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Bobby’s Bridle has what you are looking for, but I didn’t care for how the leather aged, even just using at as a show bridle. My next horse was in between sizes so I order a regular hunt bridle from Beval, changing out the pieces I needed too, then added a bradoon hanger and curb rein from World Champion Horse Equipment.

  2. colwilrin says:

    I’ve ordered Cob size from Dover and it fits my Morgan just fine. Not all styles come in the Cob, but when I got mine (about 2 years ago) they had a good selection.

  3. colwilrin says:

    BTW…It was a regular hunt bridle which I added a Bradoon hanger and curb rein to.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, my horse is a cob with full size cheeks. He is a little long in the face.

  5. lnmarsh says:

    I think most people buy Cob/Arab sized regular hunt bridles and ad the bradoon hanger. I was able to find a Arab double-bridle a few years ago and I just switched out the browband/caveson with hunt once that I already had. That bridle unfortunately got broken (except the bradoon hanger) and so I switched back to getting a regular Cob/Arab hunt bridle and added the bradoon hanger. Sometimes its beneficial to have years and YEARS worth of odds-and-ends tack in storage ;-)

  6. Chris Nerland says:

    Thanks for all the comments. That is what I thought I would do, but I was wondering if anyone provided double-bridles suitable for Morgan hund right off the shelf. Guess we start digging in the ol’ tack trunk.

  7. Chris Nerland says:

    Oops. Hunt, not hund. She is not a dog.

  8. Montehorse says:

    You may want to try Schneiders or Fennells. Schneiders specializes in Arabian tack, but everything fits my Morgan. Fennells has an inexpensive full bridle that has a nice browband that is very hunter like. I think the price is around $60.

  9. alpmorgans says:

    i dont think they sell off the rack full bridles, other than those for saddleseat and hunt seat. Remember, morgans are the only horses that show hunt in a full bridle. so just buy a regular hunt bridle, which gives you a lot of options, and then buy a bradoon strap. Most tack stores sell just a bradoon strap, made for saddleseat, but some sell hunt seat ones. I bought a Stubben hunt bridle, and my tack store had a bradoon strap with stitching to match my bridle :)

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