Roy-El Morgans for Sale

Roy-El Morgans opened its door in the 1960′s. We have had numerous national and world champions. Due to the economy, we have to ‘thin the herd’ if you will. We have everything from prospects, to broodmares, and finished show horses. Eethree Supreme, Carlyle Command, ans some Noble Flair bloodlines to name a few. When you ask about Roy-El Morgans, you get the answer: true morgan horses, good tempermants and athletes. We have had world champions in western, hunt, classic and carriage. We have had high level dressage horses, jumpers, competative drivinging horses, park horses, in hand horses and english pleasure horses. Our horses excel as open, junior exhibitor, and amatuer horses. Give us a call and let a Roy-El horse make your dreams come true!

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