Tulsa Summer Classic

I just returned from watching the Tulsa Summer Classic Horse Show.  I didn’t know until I arrived at the show that the judge was Erlene Seybold from Roy-El Morgans.  Is it just me or does it seem strange to hire a judge who comes from Region 6 to judge a Region 6 show? I’ve been to a number of shows where Erlene was competitng against the same group of riders and horses that she was judging in Tulsa.  I can’t help but feel that her friendship with some of the riders and trainers at the show didn’t influence her placings. 

In one of the walk/trot hunt seat classes, a rider’s horse took off cantering all the way around the arena.  Erlene watched the horse and yet this rider was in the top of the placings.  How can that be?  Isn’t it automatic disqualification for a horse to canter in a walk/trot class?  

I know there are times when mistakes happen behind a judge’s back and you don’t get caught.  However, it’s very discouraging when a judge totally disregards mistakes that he/she sees and doesn’t place the class accordingly.   And at this show, when such things happened, I couldn’t help but believe that Erlene wasn’t doing a friend a favor.  

I think it was a very poor call on show management’s part to hire a judge from the same region in which the show was being held.    I’ve never been to a show before where the judge came from the same region.   Hopefully this isn’t a common occurrence at shows.