Full-seated breeches?

I have a friend who wants to show my morgan in Huntseat classes at a morgan show coming up and wants to know if full-seated breeches are allowed?  Hunter pleasure classes – no equitation.  I can’t find anything in the rules saying they aren’t but thought I’d ask just in case.

Also, it says braiding isn’t mandatory.  Thought we’d do a french type braid on the mane but leave the tail.  My horse is normally shown saddleseat so don’t want to have to cut anything.



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  1. super Horse says:

    If you braid the mane you must also braid the tail and vise versa. i went into a class with only the tail braided and had to unbraid.

  2. colwilrin says:

    Fullseat breeches are fine.

    Braid the mane and the tail. You will complete the picture. When they are left down, it is very messy looking compared to the other competitors. Let the judge know you cared enough to put your best effort in the ring.

  3. leslie says:

    Noah’s half right. You cannot braid your tail unless you also braid your mane, but you can braid the mane and leave the tail unbraided. I have no idea why that rule exists, but that’s the way it is. It works out well for me because my horse’s tail feathers don’t really grow long enough to braid, so I just do his mane and leave his tail alone. However, as has already been stated, you’ll have a better overall picture if you do both the mane and tail. If you’re going to a rated show, everyone else will probably braid both.

  4. Chris Nerland says:

    Full seated breeches. Wow. Haven’t seen those except in the hunt field and that only on the MFH and Whippers-In. You can still get them in England but they are custom made and expensive.
    Maybe your friend can start a trend for us folks with a bit more adverdupois. :-)

  5. StacyGRS says:

    really? Dressage riders pretty much only ride in them and we see them alot in the HP divisions as well. Not so much in the H/J world…they are strictly TS khaki, but alot in the HP divisions at the Morgan shows.

  6. leslie says:

    They’re not hard to find here in the States at all! Just go to EquestrianCollections.com and search for full seat breeches. You’ll find tons. Dressage riders all wear them and some eventers do too, for cross-country. Though now some have moved on to the trend we like to call the baboon breeches:


  7. jns767 says:

    Full seated breeches are all over the place. They’re common with Dressage riders. In fact, I see them almost more than regular knee patch breeches on Dover and Stateline… I’m not sure if it’s okay to wear them in the Morgan world – I’ve never seen anyone actually show a Morgan in a hunt class with them :)

  8. colwilrin says:

    Dover is loaded with them. I had a more difficult time finding breeches without the full seat that I liked. I like them with just the knee patches and it seems as if they are trending more towards full. Personally, I don’t like the full seat. Having ridden SS for so many years, I like to be able to slide to the back of my seat when I need to get there!

  9. Chris Nerland says:

    OK. I see where my misunderstanding came from. I understood “full seat” breeches to be the type from the 1930s where the leg is tailored very close and then the breeches flare out toward the hips. This style was also used for full dress officers uniforms in WWII, especially Germany. I take it your “full seat” means with an insert of different material such as leather up to and including the crotch.
    I was getting kinda intrigued because I think the traditional breech can look cool if tailored right.

  10. alpmorgans says:

    full seat breeches are allowed in the morgan world, but no one wears them really. they are mostly used in dressage where your rear is sitting in the saddle the whole time :) dover is mostly catered to h/j and dressage riders. the only problem is they draw a lot of attention to your rear as your are posting because the patch is a different color than the breech. so if you are willing to do that, then all the power to you :)

    and braiding just the mane is fine. you can get away without braiding the tail fine, unless your horse has a long upper tail. then it looks messy. but if they rub it or the hair is short, dont worry about it. it looks fine.

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