Western Dressage at Southern States Regional

Just thought I’d let you know that the Western Dressage Classes went really well and were well received at Southern States this year.  Basic and Primary tests were used.  Three competitors, two are “indoor” rail horses and one that “does it all”, had a great time. The horses were relaxed and seemed to enjoy themselves, riders too.  The tests are pretty easy and compare to the average warm up we give any horse.  It’s a nice change of scenery and a great way to transition indoor horses into something different to bring some spark back into their step. The tests did run a little longer than what is suggested on the USEF forms, but running them at the end of the Dressage division regular classes helps to keep the schedule on track.  Rules are posted on the USEF site as well as the new tests, why not check them out and suggest it to your local Show Chairs to add to you next show!

Kuddo’s to those who helped support this new venture.

Suzette Boisselle

Co-Chairman, Southern States Regional Morgan Horse Show

Sport Horse Division Chair

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