2010 WNY

Now that the show has wrapped up, I’m curious what folks thought of the new location and facilities for the WNY show? I know there were a fair number of folks who have participated in the past and were not able to make the trip to Buffalo this year. How was the turn-out?

I remember growing up my cousins showed Saddlebreds and I know they went up to Hamburg regularly. I was thinking I had gone to watch them there, but I don’t remember there being an indoor arena. I could be getting my memories confused, but is that arena new (as in, within the last 12 years or so)?

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  1. smskelly says:

    The new arena and attached stabling is brand new – as in, within the last 6 months! Great turnout for the show, really competitive classes.

  2. valjlow says:

    We’ve got a short video clip of the arena posted on our NYSMHS facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/NYSMHS-The-New-York-State-Morgan-Horse-Society/284015536575?ref=ts

    The arena was fantastic, and I was told we were the second group to use the facility.

    In talking to the Show Chair I was also told that the exhibitor count was either at the same level as last year, or slightly more. From a spectator’s view – looked like a large crowd to me – and lots of happy exhibitors.

  3. Vintage_Rider says:

    I am definitely lobbying for a move to that show next year. In reading their facebook and talking to exhibitors it sounded like a great time, great competition and great fun!

  4. It was great! Can’t wait till next year

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