In Search of Family-Type Horse

It is always fun to see an adult that is rekindling their love for riding after giving it up following high school graduation. Many of us have been down this road. College, marriage and/or kids take precedent for a few years, but then that old urge to be involved with horses creeps back into one’s brain until you can’t ignore it anymore.

There is a woman that just started taking lessons from my instructor. She rode as a kid but then entered medical school and had to give up her passion. Now married and settled into her selected specialty, she has decided it is time to get back into the saddle. She is not yet interested in showing (I say “yet” because I know once she gets rolling she will want to… if I have anything to do with it!) but wants a horse that she can shower with attention, hand graze, take lessons on or just walk around on unsupervised. Given the stress of her job she wants something that can help her relax and just have fun – something I think many of us look for in our four-legged companions.

I am putting out an inquiry to you all to see if you have or know of anybody that has a horse (preferably a Morgan) that might fit the bill. Sex, color, or age don’t matter (would prefer something not too old since this is a “lifer” for her) but it has to like lots of attention; something that likes to be brushed and rubbed on.

If you know of any horses like this for sale please email me at


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  1. TudorOaks says:

    While it wouldn’t be a Morgan, it would be good to check out Saddlebred Rescue’s website. They have some wonderful “just for fun” horses available for adoption!

  2. Flmorgan says:

    There is a family type Morgan mare on Horse topia Florida Morgan named Shyanne. You have to call the lady as her email is broken. This is a FunQuest mare but not big. 6 years old. $1200. the woman is selling due to health issues where she can’t take care of her anymore. Sounds sincere.

  3. RaeOfLight says:

    What’s her search region? Would she be willing to consider horses across the country? Any particular discipline?

  4. Black Eye Beth says:

    Thanks to all of you that have responded here and through email. She is located in Ohio but depending on the horse would travel to see it. I am not sure how far, however. Discipline does not matter-just need a safe, affectionate “friend”.

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