Equitation Patterns

A few months ago there was some discussion about equitation patterns.  At the time I suggested I might add a Resources section to this site which could include a section for practice patterns.  Well, I never followed through on that, partly because a few folks who promised to send me patterns I could use never did.  But, I did just come across a site that’s got some patterns that some of you might find helpful.


2 Responses to Equitation Patterns

  1. Sue says:

    For years I have grabbed the Eq patterns when they are pposted. Put them in a book for my daughter. Now she had well over 100 patterns and more come in at every show. The ASB shows are a great resource as they have so may medal classes.

  2. Jrchloe says:

    UPHA might still have a book full of horse show patterns that you can order for either $5 or $15, I don’t remember which. Also there is the Saddle Seat Equiation website that has practice patterns and helpful articles to improve your pattern work: http://regaljada.tripod.com/saddleseatequitation/id9.html

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