Key Classic Classes

I don’t usually pay too much attention to classes as I’m posting results, I’d go cross-eyed if I did.  But as I was posting the results for Key Classic a few classes did catch my eye that looked interesting.  The first was class 63, Mother and Child Pleasure Under Saddle.  That’s just too fun!  How do they run a class like that?  One person rides then the other?  Is this something you’ve seen offered elsewhere?  Or are they being creative?

Also, something I know folks have started expressing a desire for is Adult Equitation.  Well, 2 classes later, 65, Adult Equitation.  2 Exhibitors.  Not an overwhelming response, but a good start for a new division.  Is anyone seeing this class offered at other shows this year?

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  1. Gomers Girl says:

    I have competed in Adult Equitation at the WNY Morgan Show since 2007, and it was also offered at Mason Dixon as an opportunity class and a championship. I would love to see if offered at even bigger shows, it would help my decision making since I can only go in so many Classic Pleasure classes.

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