Mason Dixon?

Any new from Mason-Dixon? or any word on results? First year in a long time that I have missed my beloved Mason-Dixon Classic.

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Over the course of the show they never showed up on any of my results resources. But, since you asked I just checked again and found them. Will be posting shortly. Thanks for asking!

  2. erikarose says:

    Thanks so much! Truly appreciate it :0

  3. Gomers Girl says:

    I went with my boy to get our feet wet for the year. The numbers were extremely disappointing – last time I went was in 05 and every Morgan class was packed. This year, there were way more Arab entries than Morgans. A lot of classes were canceled. Overall it was a good time – hopefully the entry levels will pick up next year.

  4. erikarose says:

    I too hope entries pick up, I would hate to those this show. I already lost Western District (sorry to those of you who are happy about the move!) Elmira was an easy less then 2 hours drive for us, the new location is way to far….bummer.

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