Hunter Seat Over Fences Equitation Rules

Just curious, but are equitation boots or polo wraps allowed in hunter equitation over fences class or AMHA Hunter Seat Medal Over Fences?  I looked in the Grand National and USEF Rule book, but it was not specifically addressed.  Since equitation boots and polo wraps are allowed in Open Hunter over Fences equitation classes and finals (i.e. Maclay, USEF Talent Search, Pessoa Medal), and morgan equitation is judged with the same criteria as open equitaiton, does that mean boots are allowed.

I know it is not a huge deal, but i was just curious, as i have shown open equitation and would like to do it with my morgans on the morgan circut.

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  1. JRae says:

    Yes, they are allowed. You can reference USEF rule book MO 105.4 and MO 171.2b. Good luck showing your Morgans over fences. If you are on the east coast – the Connecticut Morgan Horse Show offers Three working hunter divisions, a hunter hack division, both AMHA Hunter Seat Medals and a junior and senior hunter seat equitation division. All are judged by a USEF hunter judge.

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