2010 Show Schedule

I just took some time to add a bunch of 2010 shows to the Events page.  I have all the Regionals, GN, and anything I could find from the AMHA shows list, Horse Show Central, a couple of club sites, etc, at least through June.  Hopefully I’ll get through the end of the season sometime this weekend… or at least maybe while I’m at AMHA Convention.  Not all shows have complete information, but whatever I could find.

I’ve also added a “List” view to the Calendar.  It’s in the options along with month/year.  This will look more like the Shows list from 2009.  Let me know what you think.  I hope to add an option soon to filter by event category (Shows, Auctions & Sales, Banquets & Conventions, Other).

As always, if you have any information on shows that I haven’t added, feel free to email me, admin@abovelevel.com.  Hard to believe show season is just around the corner!


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