Hunt Morgan Showmanship

I moved my little morgan mare from saddleseat riding to huntseat riding.  I would like to switch her over to huntseat showmanship as well, but I’m not sure how its done.  How do morgans stand, do they stretch out or square up?  We mostly show open circuts and some 4-H shows because she is not full morgan, but i show her morgan because thats what she looks like.  Any help would be great!  Thanks!!!

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  1. morgan_4_me says:

    This can be hard one depending on your judge. When I go to open shows alot of times they want me to park because they havn’t kept up with the circuit world. You are suppose to be a little more than squared. It might help you to look up photos from some shows or the grand nationals. Hope that helps!

  2. Ruby Epona says:

    Would sport horse morgans be shown the same??

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