2010 Convention

I’m going to be attending the AMHA convention for the first time this year since it’s being held in my city of residence. The complete convention package is a bit pricey, so I’m trying to decide which two days to attend. I’d really like to go on the farm tours on Thursday, but then I have to choose between Friday and Saturday. I’m leaning toward Saturday, but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into the programs.


Also, the registration form has a separate ticket for “Saturday Evening Award Luncheon,” but since the luncheon is included with a Saturday ticket, I’m guessing the separate ticket is actually for the Stallion Service Auction/Party. Is that worth going to if you’re not actually breeding horses this year (or, in my case, ever)?

And is the Wednesday night welcome reception at PlayMor open to all attendees?

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  1. RaeOfLight says:

    Unfortunately Leslie I can’t give you any advice as to which days to attend. However, I am (tentatively) planning on being there as well this year. This will be my first convention and I’m excited for all the events, farm tours, forums, and just general mingling.


  2. PlayMorBill says:


    Everyone in Morgandom is invited to come out to PlayMor Farm on Wednesday evening, convention attendee or not. We just went over the menu yesterday and I’m already hungry. :)

    As for which 2 days to attend, Friday and Saturday are the best. Make sure to hit the Annual members meeting on Friday afternoon.

    The Saturday night Stallion Service Auction & Party is, in my own opinion, the best evening event of the convention, and worth the extra bucks. The food is good, the bidding can get frisky, and everyone has a great time.

    Bill Hazen
    PlayMor Farm

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