I have a couple of Weatherbeeta winter blankets for my horse and I like them. So I bought him a Weatherbeeta turnout sheet, but it fits awkwardly around the neck. It looks like it’s putting pressure on his withers, but if I loosen the chest buckles, it just seems to be too loose around the shoulders and doesn’t really seem to alleviate the pressure on his withers. I guess they’re designed more for a QH body type.

Has anyone found a good, waterproof turnout sheet for more upheaded or high-withered horses?

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  1. DocsGirl says:

    for an inexpensive turnout I really like Tuffrider. The necks are cut differently, and fit Morgans very well! Plus they are great quality for the money. Hope this helps!

  2. JustFineThankYou says:

    Most of the Schneiders turnouts seem to fit pretty well, since they are crafted towards Arab, Morgan and Saddlebred physiques. Their prices are pretty good, especially in the spring and summer before blanket season. The website is

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