Grand National Streaming Video

For those of you who aren’t able to make the drive to OKC, there’s a streaming webcast available at  It does cost; $12.95/day Saturday-Wednesday, 14.95/day for Thursday-Saturday, $34.95 to purchase Thursday-Saturday as a package and $69.95 for an all-access package.  Saturday-Wednesday are only available as live streaming video.  Thursday-Saturday are available as live streaming video, and can be viewed as recordings through the end of the year.  Overall, it’s cheaper than the gas money to get there for most of us.

I will also be posting show results here as they become available.

Judges cards are also available for viewing here.


6 Responses to Grand National Streaming Video

  1. parksaddle1024 says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the live stream? I have bought this and Louisville for the past couple of years and this is the only time I have had this much trouble with it freezing. I was not able to watch a single class without it hanging up – wondering if it is a problem on my end or if others are having the same issues.

  2. evamorgan says:

    Yes and it always seemed to freeze at the worst times.
    Didn’t get to see any 2nd direction of the Amateur Park Saddle Stallions or 2nd direction of the roadster to bike class.

  3. leslie says:

    I was wondering if it was worth it to pay for the stream, but if it’s freezing already, probably not.

    A lot of major events have free streaming now. I watched parts of Scottsdale, Arab Sporthorse Nationals and the QH Congress from my computer. They were free, and I had no problems with the streaming. Do the organizations putting on the shows pay to have free online streaming? It would be really nice to have, and might entice people who aren’t already devoted Morgan show horse fans to tune in (I wouldn’t pay to watch QH shows, but since it’s free, I’ve been checking it out every so often.)

    Not to steal the GN’s thunder, just as an example, QH Congress is going on now:

  4. evamorgan says:

    Just wanted to say that there were no problems last night with the live feed.
    Not one second of frezzing up. Much more fun to watch.

  5. evamorgan says:

    Of course that should be freezing, Not enough coffee yet!

  6. parksaddle1024 says:

    i had fewer problems last night and none today, and now tonight I am back to not being able to view. I have a high speed cable connection, and the “speedtest” the vendor told me to take rates my speed well above average, but it is still an issue. I have always recommended this package to people, but I don’t think I will again. I’ve gotten no help from the vendor and it frustrating to be watching a class and have it cut out on you.

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