Mass Morgan

What did you think about the judgeing? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Morgans4 says:

    was it just me? or were the results ALL over the place.
    I watched the hunter pleasure amateur class and Champion went to LIV Man of Steele and Reserve went to Ladies Night. both extremely nice horses, but exact opposites. It made no sense to me.
    Also, I would see a horse win a qualifier and show back in the championship only to get a 5th- I was so confused..
    I feel a lot of people got VERY lucky, as the judge let a lot of mistakes slide (turn the other way when a horse she liked was messing up)?!
    no doubt the winners reserved their ribbons (CONGRATS everyone), as we all get away with messups but those are just my thoughts!..

  2. mmmb says:

    In my opinion, especially in the classes you cited, the higher-pinned horse was the horse/rider that performed well at the time of the class, rather than the class(es) previous. Maybe it’s just me, but I despise judges who only pin horses they like because they prefer a certain look, coat, etc. Also, I thought that for a relatively inexperienced judge, Katie Mair did remarkably well, even if she did not watch the entire ring throughout. (who does?) Keeping everything in perspective, however, the judging this year was much sounder than 2008, in my humble opinion.

  3. startlovin says:

    i agree. i thought katie mair did a remarkable judging job. i think it was her first show as a judge, so i was very impressed. phil did a fantastic job too. it was my first show seeing him judge and i thought he was right on point. no one barn really dominanted, a trend for past mass morgans. i was happy with both of them overall. :)

    as for the comment about how some horses won and then got 5th or whatver in the champ, i am sure there were legit reasons. maybe the 4 other horses simply outrode the other horse. just because you win a qualifier, doesnt mean you win or get reserve in the champ. it is possible for horses to improve, just as it is possible for them to decline from one class to the next. so even though the horse may have had the same quality ride, or even better, the other horses most likely had better rides as well.

    if she did tend to look away when mistakes were being made, it just shows that perhaps she values a higher quality horse than a higher quality ride. which in my opinion is acceptable in amateur. i know she didnt do this much at all in the jr ex classes.

    i think the quality of horses at mass is getting higher and higher every year. its quickly turning into one of the more competitive shows in the east. :) as for the budget “cuts” this yr, i actually thought they were improvments: bigger, rectangle numbers = easy for the judges to see, no formal programs = who really uses them anymore anyways?? overall i was impressed. improved from 2008. good job everyone!

  4. morgfarm says:

    again, this dicussion of judging has come up. I am not sure why all of a sudden it is such a big deal. Many of us have been showing for years, even decades (oops, did I give away my age ;) ) and have not found it necessary to publicize our personal feelings about other peoples (the judges) opinions. My guess is that it is the young, up and coming generation of horse people who have found their voices and are open about their opinions. Perhaps a bit too open? Some of the comments I agree, are sounding like they are fishing for either compliments or insults. If you want to know about your horse, ask yourself that question first. Why do you need validation from people you don’t even know? And what happens if a young person reads these comments, and finds negative blurbs about them or their horse? (spec. from the New England topic). It probably takes a blow at their love for this sport. Awful. If you win, you win knowing that there are people out there that disagree and are angry about it. It comes with the blue, every time. Back when I showed, I did a lot of winning, and with it, I had to deal with a lot of rumors I heard about how I didn’t deserve every blue I got. It’s hard to deal with it, especially as a young rider. It’s a shame that it continues to occur. On the other side of it, to the riders that are spoken ill of, don’t take it to heart. The people who say negative comments most likely had friends or family in the class, so they are biased in their opinion. Overall, I just really dont appreciate the use of names of riders or horses in these discussions. Don’t hide behind a computer. And don’t start a discussion with ill intentions or an ulterior motive just to ruffle some feathers and pull some information out that you want to hear. If you want some opinions on your horse, just ask. You want good and bad? Ask. But be prepared and don’t get defensive if you were the one who started it. But overall, i beleived that Katie Mair did an awesome job judgeing; she seemed like she’d been doing it for years!

  5. RWL says:

    I actually happen to be riding LIV Man Of Steele and I came in 4th in the qualifier and honestly I did not have the best ride in the qualifier. I fixed my errors and the results in the championship were different. Thats not unexpected, everytime you ride it isn’t going to be perfect, so it is expected for results to differ. Then with Ladies night, my horse has been back to back with her all season, at NE we came in 3rd and 4th. Especially with hunters, there are MANY different types, I’ve seen a 16h chestnut with more of a hunter jumper way of going, pin right in between 2 smaller, bay hunters with a large amount of action. Judges judge the horse for the type of horse it is. Just because a hunter with action wins one class, doesn’t mean all the other hunters with more action are going to pin over the other types in every class. I haven’t seen a change in judging, obviouslt I haven’t agreed with every ribbon I have ever recieved, but people need to remember….it’s ONE person’s opinion.

  6. StacyGRS says:

    I saw this topic a while back and never did respond, but, I wanted to respond to morgfarm. I don’t know if I’d blame the generation as much as I’d blame the newfound ability to have a loud voice…the internet:) These conversations have gone on forever back at the stalls but they would be betwee 2-3 people, they’d gripe, and move on. Now they seem to get a much larger audience via the internet and anyone, knowledgable or not, gets to have an equal voice and chime in. While the internet does many great things, this, IMO, is NOT one of them. Personally, I think that unless there is truely a situation (blatant politics, rudeness, etc.) with judging, the gripes (if necessary at all) should remain where they used to be…back at the barn between friends over a glass of wine:)

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