Youth Classic Pleasure?

I was wondering on thoughts about a youth classic pleasure stake class at the Morgan Grand Nationals
There are youth stakes for every division except for the classic. (And equitation)
What are your thoughts and opinions on maybe adding them to smaller shows before nationals?
(Is there a way to add the class to more shows and or to add it to the nationals prize list?)

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  1. StacyGRS says:

    The youth division has struggled for quite some time, for several reasons. Years ago, you could show youth and Jr Exb…now OKC does not allow the same horse/rider combo to cross enter. That means that most choose Jr Exb because they get a qualifier and a championship, instead of 1 GN class. Second, I don’t know how many states are like this, but Ca. does not permit a Jr rider to ride a stallion at a horse show…period. SO…youth classes don’t really exist out here. Generally the Jr Exb horses don’t need a third class in a 3 day show and if the kids can’t show studs, then it really makes the division unecessary.
    Jr Exb classic is pretty popular and perhaps it could handle a youth class, but, as long as that show is already, I doubt they are going to be eager to add a class.

  2. ahttc says:

    Thanks for your imput.
    I just left the junior exhibitor rank this year and was wondering about
    youth classic.
    I know the show is really big as it is, i was really curious about youth.
    I know in florida that showing a stallion in junior exhibitor is not allowed.
    I was wondering about the exhibitors who have graduated from the junior ranks in the classic division and now have amateur status.

  3. StacyGRS says:

    showing a stallion in Jr exb is never allowed, but, a Jr Exb showing a stallion in youth or ama or open is fine in some/most states. However, in the state of California (state law, not USEF rule) a Jr Exb can not show a stallion..period. Not in open, not in youth, etc.

  4. Carley says:

    i dont show in classic divisions (because i show as a professional) but i LOVE my youth classes. being a young trainer, i see these classes as my opprotunity to compete with the competition of tomorrow. not the already big names trainers, but the ones who will eventually have their own farms and their own businesses. i think this is probably why they dont have the youth classic classes. the youth classes are still seen as an open class, which the classic division is not.

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