2009 Penn Ohio

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were about the show this year.
Didn’t seem to be as many horsses there this year. The show committee did a great job with the show this year. I thought Dwayne did a terrific job with judging….I thought he placed pretty fairly although there were a couple times i scratched my head.

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  1. colwilrin says:

    I enjoyed the show, as I always do. I didn’t bring a horse this year so I did get to watch more. Dwayne did a great job. I agreed with the pinnings in the classes that I watched. The weather tried to cooperate most days, which is always a concern for that show. Most of the regulars that I know were there, but the numbers did seem a bit down.

    The only real complaint…and a minor one at that…that I heard was that exhibitors wanted the beer and music brought back to the exhibitors party.

  2. khummel says:

    I was disapointed in Penn Ohio this year but I cannot actually put my finger on what it was. Less good horses and stables I suppose than what is normally there I am thinking. As far as the judge , He did a good professional job and wow what a snappy dresser! He did seem to judge all exhibitors atleast and I appreciate the looks. I personally find it so disrespectful when a judge doesnt even look. He seemed to look them all over. He is an excellent horseman in my opinion but I didnt see it his way in just some of the classes between the winner and second place. But overall he did allright.

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