New England?

Anyone want to talk about the judging at New England this year?  Would love to hear your comments?

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  1. ak4793 says:

    StacyGRS- you made a lot of really good points! I showed at New England, and even though I was kind of disappointed by how I pinned, I know that I was beat by quality riders in their prime, and I don’t have a problem with that. I had clean rides, and I tried to get noticed, but hey, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I didn’t show back in the huntseat eq. championship 14-17, mainly so I could go and watch it. By watching that class, I was able to understand what the judge was looking for; it opened my eyes to how huge those classes really are and how it really isn’t a big deal if you’re not picked to pattern, pinned, etc. From now on, I’m determined to make sure that whenever I show, I focus on having fun and enjoying the experience. There are some really, really, REALLY good eq riders this year!!! Seeing the incredible level of poise and skill further motivates me to become the best rider I can be. :-)

  2. startlovin says:

    hey does anyone know what the $10,000 class is going to be for next year??

  3. startlovin says:

    ak4793 – great positive attitude!!!

    however, i watched the senior hunt eq classes too, and personally, I think the riding is getting more and more fake. There is some odd posting styles going on with some of the top riders in the division, not very crisp or clean, which detracts from the rider’s overall picture in my opinion. I think alot of attention is going towards putting your heels down and not enough on maintaining support in the ankle and pressing toward the big toe, which results in a ton of collapsed ankles. I’m not quite sure how these two fads came into style, but I hope they are stopped soon! So while watching the class is a fantastic way to learn from the excellent riders, I wouldnt want someone to start bad riding habits like sloppy posting or collapsed heels just to try and win an eq class.

    On the up side, I think alot more riders (not so much in the western division) but in the hunt and saddleseat divisions are really starting to ride their horses instead of posing. Many if not all of the horses could easily do well in the pleasure classes as well, which makes for very exciting and even more competitive eq classes!! So well props for that!!!

  4. startlovin says:

    and i dont mean to contradict myself by saying the riding is getting fake, and yet they are starting to really ride the horse… what I mean to say is that they are seeming to be more aware of how their horse looks even though they are in an eq class. Maybe that is why the technique is going downhill though… Confusing.. but it makes sense to me LOL

  5. ahttc says:

    i know its late but did anyone see the park saddle am championship?
    i thought lambrogini in black looked good (i just looked at proofs)

  6. mrsfire says:

    I haven’t been on here in quite some time, but someone told me about this thread so I thought I would check it out.

    I am sad to see so many people complaining about the judging. I truly believe that every judge is doing the best they can do, just like every rider is doing the best they can do. Some judges fall below our expectations just as some riders/horses fall below the judge’s expectations. It is definitely a two way street. When you go to a horse show, you are getting one person’s opinion. You know that before you put your horse on the trailer. There is no guarantee that you are going to like the opinion that you get as many people are showing and not everyone can win.

    I tend to think that for the most part, you win some classes that you maybe shouldn’t have and you lose some classes that you maybe shouldn’t have. It all comes out in the wash.

    I absolutely agree with StacyGRS that the attitude is SUPER important to the future of showing and the Morgan breed. I work hard to set the example of a positive for my daughter. I want her to learn that it is all about improving your ride each time rather than how you place. We owe it to ourselves, our peers, and our Morgans to do the best we can and learn from each experience….good and bad.

    On another note, thank you to everyone who made kind remarks about my beautiful boy, Graycliff Tony. I must say that we got beat fair and square in the championship. From what I heard, it was close, but Cartier was slightly better that night. Cartier is a fabulous horse and we were honored to get reserve. We greatly appreciate the support from everyone. We will need it at OKC so keep it coming. :-)

    Dawn Fire

  7. evamorgan says:

    Dawn and Stacy have made excellent points and have expressed them far better than I could.
    I was very impressed with the depth of quality in both horses and their riders in all the divisions. There is no shame in a well earned lower place ribbon.
    The amateur park saddle champ. was a most competitive and exciting class. Each horse and rider gave their all and should be very proud.
    We showed under all three judges and while I might not have agreed with all their placings, each of them gave all the entries a fair look.
    I would like to point out that the lighting in the outdoor ring is not the best. It must be very hard to judge those big hunter classes at night.

  8. khummel says:

    I agree. I would like to say this about judging in general. Only one guy is usually super happy with the judges. Thats the guy that won. It is good to remember this. Abundance follows gratitude. So I try to remember that myself. Having said that, I do admit I try to never show in front of judges who I know use there card as a way to do business and play games. I have better uses for my money. and my customers money. I get confused like the rest of us. We were told a clients horse is just too fat and not contemporary enough even though he had a great performance at a recent show. Then I see in the same division at New England the winner there was fatter , also a chestnut with white and almost identical to ours and he wins it all. Beating out several more contemporary finer more quality horses. including the judge who judged us. I just scratch my head . But then the person at the lines and the money behind that person is huge and I wonder if thats what was up. The lesson to me is just keep showing your horse/horses and continue to get better. Our stable will never be in the click that exists in our breed and I have never been sure that I wanted membership in it anyway. If it sometimes about money and the money that supports our breed so be it because I dont have that kind of money behind me and never have had. So us regular folks lets Just show have fun , Sometimes your the windsheild and sometimes your the bug! And the winner sometimes just has more quality than your horse. And a quality horse generally looks better doing it than the one lacking in quality no matter how he trots or sets his head. If and when I get my card which I plan on doing one of these days, I will try to tie quality everytime if at all possible and in my mind anyway block out the rider driver owner etc.

  9. Morgans4 says:

    First off, I would like to thank everyone who stood by the judge’s decisions. Every show there are going to be different opinions along with different placings. I want to talk about the Hunter Pleasure classes that seem to have everyone all upset. I’ve been reading how the winner of the Hunter Pleasure Junior Exhibitor for the 17 year olds, who also won the championship and claimed a reserve in the youth championship didn’t deserve her placings. This is a new team- how would any really know them?? And to the rumors concerning the “judge being friendly with Bellewether” COME ON- you could say that about a different barn at every show depending on how well they do. Also in addition to the hunter classes, that flashy Jane’s Addiction horse was a perfect competitor for the youth and I’m really glad he won it- he’s beautiful.
    So I guess I’m trying to say- you win some you lose some.
    Just because you didn’t do well at this show doesn’t mean the people who won didn’t deserve it.
    Congrats to everyone who won!

  10. bella92290 says:

    Wow, this has drummed about quite a bit of discussion, just like last year. First I want to say I think most on here are not trying to diminish the winners of any of the classes. The Bellewether girls do a great job and they had a great show, kudos to them. Those who show know you sure do win some and lose some……But think about this for a moment, no show that I am aware of has had so much chatter about the calls the judges make than NE the past couple of years. My personal belief is the class sizes with the massive rings makes it difficult for any judge to do an effective job. And especially with the Hunters the Northeast is deep in quality, then you add in those coming from afar and it is deeper. There were many horses in the youth classes that could have placed higher or lower no doubt, and some that placed right where they should. This issue will never leave this show unless there is more than one judge, bottom line. Unless anyone has an suggestions out there that might help what seems to have become a yearly negative into a positive?

  11. Karen Clark says:

    Bella, that is my opinion. New England is such a large prestigious show that it needs more than one judge. IMO, all of the regional shows should have more than one judge! Maybe then these discussions and the dissatisfaction might go away. As I said, just my opinion.

  12. 10jloftus says:

    woo theres a lot to respond to. but i’ll just respond to the ones i know and stood out. Trebles Tanqueray did not pin in the qualifier because he did not walk at all second direction and had a wrong lead for a little (maybe just behind). however, what i saw of him in the championship was great so i don’t know what was up with the judging there. i was very impressed with Larry Bolen’s judging. all the classes he judged saturday night i thought were pinned just right. i would really like to see Larry Bolen’s impartial judging at more shows, he was really great. i was rather unimpressed with other judging

  13. 10jloftus says:

    i also thought that there were many good riders in the senior eq championship (the winner included) but annie thurber really stood out. i thought she should’ve won

  14. StacyGRS says:

    The more people that go to a show,the more there are to comment on it, so NE will likely always be blessed with many comments. We should be so lucky in Ca!!
    The idea of NE having more judges(or all regionals) is great, but, where are you going to come up with them??

  15. Jerome says:

    Todd is a great guy with his own OPINION like any other judge, that is why they are hired.

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